America's Big Year of Climate Action: A TILclimate Liveshow

Join us for our first liveshow at MIT!

On April 19, TILclimate will host its first-ever liveshow at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

Between November 2021 and August 2022, the United States passed a series of bills featuring the largest investments in climate change solutions in history. For our first liveshow, we're inviting special guest Elisabeth Reynolds to explain the new approach this legislation has set for American climate action, and what it means for the U.S. and world moving forward.

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Climate change is confusing. TILclimate (Today I Learned: Climate) is an award-winning MIT podcast that breaks down the science, technologies, and policies behind climate change, how it’s impacting us, and what we can do about it. Each quick episode gives you the what, why, and how on climate change — from real scientists and experts — to help us make informed decisions for our future.

Produced by the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative.

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