Climate change and its mounting consequences present the greatest and most urgent scientific and societal challenge of our age. Given MIT's depth and breadth of expertise, and our mission of service, I believe we have an urgent responsibility to marshal ourselves to reckon with it.
Sally Kornbluth
President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Climate change demands our society’s urgent attention. To inform and empower the public on this complex issue, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has created this Climate Portal, an online home for timely, science-based information about the causes and consequences of climate change – and what can be done to address it.

Whether you are new to climate change or ready for a deeper exploration, the MIT Climate Portal offers a virtual place to ground your knowledge and ask your questions of experts. It also highlights MIT’s latest climate change research and initiatives for action.

For members of the MIT community, this site also gathers the many events, classes, groups, and other climate change resources from across the Institute into a one-stop menu.

The MIT Climate Portal is managed by the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative, with support from the MIT Office of the Vice President for Research.