Announcing: The Climate Project at MIT

On February 8, 2024, MIT President Sally Kornbluth announced the Climate Project at MIT, an ambitious new model of accelerated, university-led innovation. Its three-part structure — consisting of the Climate Missions, the Climate Frontier projects, and the Climate HQ — is designed to marshal the Institute’s talent and resources to research, develop, deploy, and scale up serious solutions to help change the planet’s climate trajectory.


MIT Climate Action Plan Earth
Fast Forward: MIT's Climate Action Plan for the Decade
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A bird's eye view of the MIT dome, covered to look like the Earth
Events at MIT

Climate change and sustainability events happening across campus, via MIT Events. 

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Subjects + Open Learning
For Educators
  • TILclimate educator guides: teach climate through MIT's climate change podcast
  • CATE: an interdisciplinary high school climate curriculum
  • MIT Blossoms: math and science video lessons for high school classes
  • MIT Sloan: simulation games on energy start-ups, climate policy, and others
  • MIT-Lemelson: creative applications of green chemistry in sustainability and bioplastics
  • MIT Open Courseware: college-level teaching materials on Energy and Environment
  • SCALES: resources for infusing sustainability and climate change into lessons
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