MIT ESI Rapid Response Group

The ESI Rapid Response Group (RRG) was formed to respond to critical environmental issues in a timely manner with science-based analysis and assistance in the service of our partners in communities, civil society, government and industry.

The RRG generates a variety of targeted materials including synopses of state of the art, briefing documents, fact sheets, talking points, executive summaries, and other products in various media and across a range of important environmental issues. The RRG also serves as a bridge between the MIT community and our partners by connecting individuals and expertise through informal conversations, curated panels, symposia and other knowledge and perspective sharing events.

Members of the RRG are undergraduate and graduate students studying a variety of fields and majors at MIT and other universities. The RRG is guided and managed through the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative by the director, Prof. John E. Fern√°ndez. For more information please email us at