Student Sustainability Coalition (SSC)
Our Mission

The Student Sustainability Coalition's (SSC) mission is to bring together sustainability-related student groups at MIT to facilitate communication, collaborate on projects, and elevate student voices.

Our Projects
  • Our Climate Action Plan Proposal: Over 30 undergraduates, graduates, and postdocs have worked together to propose an ambitious Climate Action Plan based on student priorities. Here is our detailed proposal. We are continuing to push for these goals in response to the publishing of MIT's official 2021 Climate Action Plan.

  • Designing Out Waste on Campus: This was started by students from Waste Watchers and UA Sustain in summer 2020 to reduce waste produced in dining halls during COVID-19. We are piloting a reusable utensil program and working with administration and facilities to increase access to food waste and recycling bins in dorms. This project has expanded to running an educational campaign including producing public resources outlining proper disposal of materials, implementing specific signage on waste bins, monitoring waste, and using data to inform future material procurement.

  • Social Events: We host sustainability mixers and events for students, faculty, and researchers.

  • Future Projects: We are continuously evolving and assessing current needs of the MIT community which will lead to the adoption of many new projects! If you have questions, ideas, an event or opportunity you'd like to pub to the sustainability community, information you'd like to share with SSC, or if you’d like to get involved in an SSC project, please email

Member Organizations

UA Sustain, Waste Watchers, ESI Rapid Response Group, MIT Divest, Sustainable Energy Alliance, MITEC, MIT Water Club, Terrascope, and PlanEAT.

If your student group is not represented, please reach out to us at We welcome any student group passionate about sustainability who would like to get involved!

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