MIT Action Sustainability Corps

Launched in Spring 2019, MIT Action Sustainability Corps (MITASC, pronounced "My Task") hopes to help MIT students find sustainability-related work opportunities as well as provide a support network, encourage learning about the greater impacts of the work, and foster personal growth. MITASC provides: - Dedicated funding and network support to students who are seeking future environment and sustainability work offerings - The opportunity to find a cohort of people who have common passions and ambitions - Support for understanding the big picture impact of your summer work - Possibility to impact future direction of programming and support network at MIT - Opportunities to better understand your stance with sustainability through participation in workshops - Path to become a mentor to future MITASC cohorts Programming is in the form of workshops and activities conducted both during the school year and the summer. MITASC is open to both undergrad and graduate students who will graduate in 2020 or later. Please reach out to with any questions, comments, or concerns.


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