Diana Chapman

LocationMenlo Park, CA US

About Diana Chapman Walsh

I'm a life member of the MIT Corporation and a current member of its executive committee. I led Wellesley College (as president) from 1993-2007. I'm an emerita (and former) trustee of Amherst College.I was a professor of public health at Harvard, and, before that, at Boston University. I lived in Boston for nearly 50 years and still return for MIT meetings and for summers on the Cape but my husband, Chris, and I moved to the Palo Alto area to be near our only child and her only child, our grandson. Chris, a distinguished scientist, spent the first part of his professional career at MIT in biology and chemistry and the second at Harvard Medical School. Over the past decade, I have become increasingly concerned about climate change and have been speaking and writing -- and reading voraciously -- on the topic. I'm still trying, as I think many of us are, to find the leverage points where I can make a meaningful contribution and I'm very glad for this online community Rajesh and his colleagues created. I first met Rajesh on the way to Mundgod, India for a conference with the Dalai Lama at which we both spoke.