ClimateX Team

ClimateX, a collaboration between MIT alumni and MIT Open Learning, is the kernel that gave rise to the current MIT Climate Portal. ClimateX was conceived in 2016 as an open online space for climate change learning, connection, and action, by two MIT alumni Rajesh Kasturirangan and Dave Damm-Luhr. After winning an MIT Climate CoLab contest, they began a partnership with MIT Open Learning to implement their vision and engage people both within MIT and in the wider world. Rajesh and Dave joined with Open Learning’s Curt Newton to develop the ClimateX concept and content, including a widely-circulated climate change podcast, video interviews, numerous posts and opinion pieces, and prospective project partnerships with groups outside of MIT. The Open Learning “Hive” team of Mark Brown, Laura Howells, Nick Covaleski, and Mikaela Joyce developed the web platform, built a social media presence, and produced written interviews. While ClimateX is no longer in operation, the ClimateX team's work laid the foundations for the first MIT Climate Portal, which has evolved into and is now managed by the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative. Read more about that transition at