Young people are marching for everyone's climate today

Today, students all over the world are marching for their and everyone's future while politicians and the powerful dig in and try to maintain the status quo. A Maryland student reports on children's climate action from London while students in Baltimore march to city hall. Children know that they will bear the brunt of the world's problems in their lifetimes, while the rest of us may postpone action since we will be gone from this Earth. Recent articles on the pace of climate change present an ominous picture of the relatively near-term, e.g. that many regions of the world are already beyond the 1.5 degree threshold. The uncertainties regarding increases in extreme weather events being related to climate change and extremes creating more climate change suggest a vicious cycle may be in most people's, if not all of our future. Greta Thunberg, who recently sailed to the US, says it most succinctly: that we all need to act now. As academics at MIT and elsewhere know, most innovations come of our students.