SimPlanet at MIT Orientation Week

The Environmental Solutions Initiative presents a brand-new event for new and returning MIT students this year: SimPlanet, an interactive game that lets you tinker under the hood of a state-of-the-art global climate model. A perfect introduction to the world of climate solutions for the students who will help build and implement them in the future, SimPlanet challenges you to come up with policies that will hold global warming to under 1.5 degrees by the year 2100. The game will be hosted by Prof. John Sterman, who has worked on climate models with the White House and the United Nations. Negotiate with other groups, experiment with new policies, and enjoy free Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

SimPlanet will be held September 3 from 1pm to 5pm in MIT building E14-674. This event is for MIT students only--incoming first-years are welcome and encouraged! Don't forget your laptop, and register here to help us plan.

And if you'll be running other events during orientation week, or working with new students at MIT, please help us spread the word!