MIT Climate Action Symposium: Challenges of Climate Policy, Part 2


The second of MIT’s six Climate Action Symposia, Challenges of Climate Policy, was held on Tuesday, October 29, 2019. Topics included:

  • societal impacts and policy challenges of climate change;
  • adaptations that could limit economic damages and national security risks; and
  • potential solutions to overcome domestic and international political hurdles for addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In Part 2, panelists Maximilian Auffhammer of UC Berkeley and Kathleen Hicks of the Center for Strategic and International Studies discuss "Risks and Damages."

The Climate Action Symposia series aims to advance our community’s understanding and expand our capacity to generate solutions for the urgent global challenge of climate change. Over the 2019-2020 academic year, the six symposia examine the current state of climate science and policy, as well as pathways for decarbonization of the global economy. We will also look at how universities can and should contribute solutions, including MIT’s efforts under our Plan for Action on Climate Change.