MIT Climate Community Guidelines

Value Statement

At MIT Climate, we are committed to providing a safe and open community for members to:

  • learn about anthropogenic climate change,

  • explore the diverse work happening at MIT on climate change, and

  • engage in discussion and learning on issues related to climate change.

We strive to create an online community that :

  • welcomes diverse points of view,

  • respects factual evidence and rational argument, and

  • treats each other with courtesy and respect.


MIT Climate is open to everyone, not just MIT scientists and students. Community contributions, including comments, posts and projects, help further learning and discussion around climate change. That being said, the views of individuals or groups using the MIT Climate platform do not represent those of the institute.


MIT Climate invites the community to comment on posts on this website. We do this so that this community can learn from you -- about work you have done, your first-hand knowledge of an issue, or your insights or questions on the topic -- and open thoughtful conversations about climate change.

Scientific evidence and rational argument

We ask that the community adheres to the principles of the scientific method. Positions which marshall facts, evidence, and rational argument will receive the attention of the community. Those which do not will be dismissed.

Respect and courtesy

The community expects its members to engage with each other respectfully and courteously. The community will seek to frame controversial issues in a way that is respectful to all sides in the debate. When having animated discussions, remember to always be civil. It is important to be aware of your own biases and to keep them in context during discussions.


  • Share articulate, well-referenced remarks

  • Submit comments that are relevant to the post

  • Write in English

  • Keep it professional, not personal


  • No commercial promotion

  • No obscene language

  • Do not ask for other users’ personal information


All comments will be monitored by MIT Climate staff. If any comments violate these Community Guidelines, those posts will be removed. If any users repeatedly violate these rules, those users will be removed. Moderation will ensure that the core principles of the MIT Climate value statement are upheld.

MIT Picks

MIT Climate staff may select certain comments or posts for the portal’s “MIT Picks” section. This section aims to highlight posts that are particularly insightful, thought-provoking, well-written, and/or representative of a diversity of opinions, and is curated at the staff’s discretion.

Upholding Community Guidelines

Community members are encouraged to respectfully and courteously hold other members accountable for following the Community Guidelines, and notify the MIT Climate team of any violations through our feedback form.

MIT Climate staff reserves the right to restrict or remove the content and member privileges of users who violate these guidelines.

Last updated: January 15, 2019